Study From Home Like A Pro.

During These Pandemic times, all of us are affected & studying from home.

How you can make it a positive thing Instead of a thinking about it negatively.

# Install a Screen Recorder.
– The first thing you have to do is installing a screen recorder, You will not get to do this in a comfy way in college. Now you can just record all the lectures with ur screen recorder for playback later.

# Get a second monitor
– Get a second hand led screen, connect to laptop & extend display.
– During lectures, you can carry on with your usual routine of taking notes in your laptop this way, Just keep the lectures in 1 monitor & your wordpad or notepads in the secondary monitor.

Now this second monitor will make things lot easier & you will a lot comfortable learning & taking notes than ever. This will actually intrest you more in studies & before you know it, you will be researching about the topics in one screen & taking notes in another screen.

So dont wait, Just go get a new or second hand monitor & study like a pro.

Good luck.

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