Mechanical Civil or Electrical?

The simple answer is, You already know.

Thats right, you already know the answer to this question, You are just confused because of what other peoples are saying or thinking how much money you can make from these lines or thinking how much its going to cost your family or thinking how you will ever get a job in that field when so many graduates are there without jobs.

Just follow your heart, Decide the line you love working in & Develop the skills to become the top best in that filed.

Remember, you are not taking these coerces to just get that degree or the so called A+ top marks. Its all about how u r utilizing the resources available in ur college & how much knowledge you are gathering. You cannot just think like if you get good marks you will get the best job. Be practical, Spend time after hours in the libruary, its a best place to meet other successful students & form a good relationship with ur teachers. do this atleast in the first year.

By atleast mid 2nd year you should take a par time job, money does not matter, just take a decent job nearby you that is related to ur field. Gain the much needed experience while you are in college itself.

Its a disgrace to have arrears, Its ok if its because of natural disasters or sickness etc. Always be 1 step forward, Always cover the topics before your teachers cover them so that you will understand every bits of information during the class & you can also clear the doubts easy & faster this way.

In the end of the day. It doest matter which line you take, Its all up to u to succeed. you can be whatever you want to be, you just have to change your world & concentrate on the things that will lead you to success.

Good luck.

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