How to take advantage of this bad situation.

Its no secret that every one around the world right now is stressed out due to this covid issues, toddlers to Adults are affected because of this pandemic, As a student how you can take advantage of this bad situation.

1. You have to look at the pros & cons of this situation.
2. Concentrate on the pros & use them effectively.
3. Do not give too much weight to the cons, life finds a way.
4. You do not have to be stressed out just because everyone around you is stressed out & panicking.
5. You can start taking time to take care of your health & make it a routine.
6. Create a schedule & follow it. Think of this like a summer camp.
7. Keep a positive attitude always, no matter what happens, just maintain social distancing & carry on.

Example of pros & cons for a student.
1. You get to make your own schedule & follow it, No teacher or parents will interfere in it. Since everyone just wants you to stay home & be safe.
2. No more Peer Pressure, You will not be forced to go to unnecessary outings with your friends that do not care about the studies & just want to have fun. Its ok to have fun but it should not interfere with studies.
3. Eating & Sleeping at the correct time.
Since you are not willing to go out, you can eat & sleep at the right time, which highly improves your concentration in studies.
4. Different age groups have different pros & cons, you just have to list them out, you got the time to do that now.

Example of making a schedule.
1. Wakup @5am.
2. Simple Cardio Exercise for atleast 30min. Freshup.
3. Yoga for atleast 10min. Just close your eyes & concentrate on your breathing.
4. Make Oatmeal, Toast, Sandwitch, or whatever you like along with a fruit or your usual breakfast schedule. do not depend on others, you can make it.
5. Read the list of things you have planned to do today & make sure to follow them 1 & a time & finish it.
6. Start ur work or studies.
7. Take ur meals at correct time.
8. You could take a 1hr nap in the afternoon in order to get a little boost.
9. In the evening time, spend some time with ur family.
10. Before you go to sleep, Make the list of things you want to do for tomorrow.
11. Go to sleep atleast before 9. try to get 10am, Try to get the 7hrs continues sleep atleast.

Good luck.

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